How to Bet With Handicaps on Ladbrokes?

29 April 2020
by Jerome

One of the most commonly used types of betting is handicap betting. On Ladbrokes, it is usually practiced in sports which are based on points such as football, tennis, basketball, rugby and many more. This kind of betting does affect the manner in which odds are presented. This, therefore, requires that anyone who wants to bet with handicaps has a thorough understanding about it so that he/she can be in a position interpret the odds properly. 

Handicap Betting Defined

It is simply defined as a type of betting where Ladbrokes turns any sporting event with varied odds into an even money contest. This is done by giving virtual disadvantage or advantage to some competing teams so as to even the field.

Handicap betting originated from Asia and has now spread to other parts of the world including Europe where it is being used in UK soccer. This popular type of betting is commonly used in football on Ladbrokes. One of the main reasons as to why its popularity has continued to grow over the past years is because it is less risky and provides the bettor with great value. Placing such a bet using a promotional code subscribing to Ladbrokes give you the opportunity to place such a bet using free bets that you receive.

It is preferred over the traditional style of betting which involves win-draw-win. You are required to either oppose the favourite team with a handicap or choose the team you prefer in order to overcome a handicap.

Example on Ladbrokes :

Handicap betting Ladbrokes

Here Are the Benefits

As a bettor, your chances of winning are 50% more than in the traditional win-draw-win style of betting. This makes it your excellent choice. Handicap betting allows you to bet on two outcomes only, that is, the home and away team. It usually eliminates cases involving draws, so common in soccer. It also enables you to get returns from your stakes on a frequent basis.

Ladbrokes Promo Code

One of the most frequent questions bettors have when creating an account is how to use a promo code. In this paragraph, we’ll explain how you can use the Ladbrokes promo code and what exactly could you get with it. This is only applicable when there is a Ladbrokes promo code available.

Online bookmakers use promo codes along with welcome bonuses and other promotions. Usually, you need a code to activate a certain offer. Let’s see how you can use it to activate the welcome offer during registration. At the moment, you do not require a promo code, so you can leave the promo code field empty.

You access the desired online betting platform and open a registration form. You insert all the required information in the form. Normally, there is a special field reserved for the Ladbrokes promo code. You should enter the code and go through the Terms & Conditions before joining. That way, you can activate the welcome offer, and the process is the same with the Ladbrokes promo code.  This is only when a code is available.

Remember, with every bonus offer there are certain requirements you need to meet in order to get the welcome offer. These requirements are usually related to minimum deposits, playthrough requirements, minimum odds, etc. We always recommend you take a look at the terms and conditions of the offer, just to be sure you can fulfill all the requirements and start placing sports bets in no time.

Important Things You Must Know When Betting With Handicaps

The greater the difference in potential between the teams that are involved in a particular match e.g Barcelona and Arsenal, the more goals you will expect your favorite team to win. This also means that the handicap will be much bigger.

  • The favorite team is supposed to overcome the handicap that has been indicated.
  • The minus sign (-) always precedes it for the favorite team.
  • The underdog’s handicap is usually indicated by a plus sign (+)

Because the underdog is given a head start, a handicap is normally added by Ladbrokes to the final score. Taking an example of 0.5 ball, underdogs will begin the match with 0.5-1 score. In such a case, the favourites need at least a score of 1-0 in order for them to win the bets. On the other hand, underdog bets will win with any results registered.

For instance, in the English Premier League where Manchester United is playing against Arsenal, if Ladbrokes gives Manchester United a handicap of +1.5, in order to win such a bet, you will be required to bet Man U.

In the event that the match ends 3-2 to Arsenal, your bet on Manchester United will still pay you off because of the +1.5 handicap. This makes the score to be effectively 3.5-3 to Man U in terms of bet.

From Ladbrokes’ perspective, it would have been impossible for your bet to end in a draw. This is because there are no half balls scored in football.

You should have ample knowledge of the possible cases of handicaps that have been split (split handicaps). This mainly applies in Asian handicap betting as opposed to no draw match betting.

With split handicaps, the team that you select can have a single handicap which is expressed as a whole number and another as half a number.

Here is a Premier League example on Ladbrokes: Aston Villa (-1,-1.5) Vs Chelsea (+1, +1.5)

Aston Villa is supposed to win the match by scoring 2 goals so as to win the market owing to the application of handicaps. However, if Aston Villa happens to win by 1, the handicap for the whole number will result in a draw while the half number handicap will give victory to Chelsea.

In such a situation, you should get back half of your stake if you placed a bet for Aston Villa to emerge as the winner. On the other hand, any person who bet in favour of Chelsea to win would receive half of their stake returned. Half of that stake would be paid back as winnings at the odds which were stated by Ladbrokes.

How to Bet With Handicaps on Ladbrokes?

8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Betting With Handicaps

#1 Betting Due to Boredom

Betting on Ladbrokes simply because you feel bored is probably one of the worst things that you can do because it will negatively affect your bankroll. Take it seriously and avoid emotions. Set rules to guide you so as to get rid of the entertainment aspect. By so doing, you will become a successful bettor.

#2 Betting on Losing Matches

Do not bet on games which you are pretty sure that chances of winning are low. You need to have thorough background knowledge of history about the team’s performance. This should guide you to avoid betting on teams which are bound to lose their matches. For example, in a match which involves Arsenal Vs Crystal Palace, chances are that Arsenal will beat Crystal Place; therefore do not bet the opposite.

#3 Giving Much Value to Favorites

Most bettors including experts are fond of overvaluing their favorites. It is obvious that you will give much consideration to favorites but there comes a time when the opposite happens as the underdogs emerge victorious. For instance Chelsea Vs Tottenham. Chelsea may appear a soccer giant but you may find Tottenham winning it by 3-1.

#4 Getting Caught in Hype

Some sports programs usually lay emphasis on certain teams that seem to be performing well. But remember that most of these teams especially in EPL soccer perform differently as the season progresses. They may start off well but end the season with a weak performance e.g Arsenal which began with an outstanding promising performance. Many of its supporters thought that it would take the league title. This is, however, appearing elusive. Therefore, getting caught in the hype can mislead you. This may lead you into making unsuccessful bets on Ladbrokes.

#5 Trying Unrealistic Handicaps

There are certain handicaps out there that will only make you lose your money when you attempt them. For instance, a situation where the fixture between two teams is unmatched to the extent that favorites are compelled to play when their legs are tied together in order to give the other team a chance to win. Avoid such bets as much as possible.

#6 Failing to Do Research

It is always important to do research if you want to succeed. Know how the teams perform and the history of results when they meet. Manchester City is known to win with many goals as compared to any other team in UK soccer. This information should guide you.

#7 Temptations to Increase Handicap for Better Odds

You may be tempted to increase handicaps in order to acquire better odds on Ladbrokes but this has to be avoided as much as possible. Just put in mind that higher odds are called so for a reason. This implies that your chances of winning will be minimal. But if you are interested in getting better odds, you are advised to look for a different bet where you are pretty sure that the team you support will cross the line with the number of goals scored.

#8 Failing to Know What Winning Results Require

It is very important that you take a pen and paper and then note down the results that you require in order for you to win. This varies depending on whether you are using your own handicap or Asian handicap which is a bit complex.


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