How to Bet on Ladbrokes Horse Racing

12 January 2019
by Jerome

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Ladbrokes is a UK betting and gambling company based in London, England. Now more commonly known as Ladbrokes Coral after a merger with Coral a few years ago, Ladbrokes continue to offer a large variety of betting opportunities over hundreds of events in a long list of sports. This article will focus on Ladbrokes Horse Racing and give an introduction to placing bets, the markets available and everything in between.

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A quick introduction

As you’d probably expect in the UK, Ladbrokes offer the full variety of Horse Racing for betting opportunities including racing in the UK, Ireland, America, South Africa, France and much more.

When accessing the Ladbrokes Horse Racing page, you can view the full list of racecourses available to bet on for the day, the day after or Antepost betting as well as the race times which you can select individually, or select the tickboxes to create your own racing coupon list. Ladbrokes also support Tote betting.

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Ladbrokes Horse Racing: Home

Before we look at placing a bet and the bet types available, we’ll just go over the Homepage of Horse Racing and the functions.

Next Races

The first row of race odds you will see will be the Next Races section – this will show the top 3 priced horses in each of the next 3 races whether that is in the UK, USA or wherever the next race off is from. You can select “build next 3 races” to create a full list view of all 3 racecards in full to view form, jockey silks and more.

Today, Tomorrow, Specials and Futures

There are a few categories that you can put racecards in to separate them by time, type or anything else. On Ladbrokes, the collapsible categories are clearly headlined, and contain different racecards or betting markets for you to select individually, or create your own racecard list or coupon by selecting the tick boxes;

  • Horse Racing Today – Shows all the race meetings offered on the current day worldwide
  • Horse Racing Tomorrow – Shows all the race meetings offered for the next day worldwide
  • Future Racing & Specials – Antepost (future races) betting markets for race winners or other specific future markets
  • Racing Specials – Special betting markets for multiple race winners, trainer’s championships and more

It’s also worth noting that on the banner for Horse Racing today are the links to the Tote bet types available on Ladbrokes including the Scoop6 and the Jackpot.

Create your Racecard

You can create your own “custom racecard” on Ladbrokes Horse Racing by ticking the boxes next to any race or betting market, then once finished, select “Build Racecard (X Race)” at the bottom to display the list of everything your chose in one page.

Racecard Ladbrokes

Placing Bets

Placing bets on Ladbrokes Horse Racing is simple enough whether its standard single bets, multiple bets or Tote bets. You make your selection by ticking a box or click the odds of the horse(s) to add them to the bet slip, you then enter your stakes into the bet types you want to place on the right hand located bet slip and place your bets – as easy as that.

You can place Win & Each Way bets on normal racecard markets as well as Forecast & Tricast betting, as well as some races having special betting markets and Tote Betting. Below is a list of the main, or most common, standard bet types on horse racing and the betting markets on offer:

Win – An individual stake placed on the horse to win the race

Each Way – A stake you enter is multiplied by 2, with half being on the horse at the odds shown (win) and half being in case the horse finishes in the advertised place terms where you received a proportion of the odds for you bet to be settled at

Forecast – Bet on 2 or more horses to finish 1st and 2nd in a specific or any order

Tricast – Bet on 3 or more horses to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a specific or any order

Match-Up – Betting on which horse finishes higher in the race result

Single – 1 bet on 1 horse

Double – a bet on 2 horses, or combinations of 2 horses

Treble – a bet on 3 horses, or combinations of 3 horses

Trixie – a 3 selection Multiple bet type which comprises of 3 double bets and 1 treble bet

Patent – a 3 selection Multiple bet types which is made up of 3 single bets, 3 double bets and 1 treble bet

Lucky 15 – A multiple bet type, a popular long standing one, on 4 horses with singles, doubles, trebles and 4 horse accumulator

Yankee – A multiple bet type, a popular long standing one, on 4 horses with doubles, trebles and 4 horse accumulator

Placing Bets Ladbrokes

Tote Betting

Tote betting, as an overview, is betting into “prize pools” through specific sets of bets where winnings are paid out based on dividends or the size of the prize pool. Ladbrokes support the tote betting on bigger bet types as well as the Tote betting per UK and Irish racing:

Scoop 6 & Jackpot

The Scoop 6 is the biggest jackpot style prize pool in world racing. Costing £2 per line, users simply select the 1 horse or more they want to select in each of the 6 listed races, and then place the bet into the Scoop 6 pool. If you get 6 winners then you win all or a share (if you’re unlucky enough that someone else did too!) of the gigantic Scoop 6 winning pool.

Alternatively, if you get 6 horses that are placed within the Tote place terms by race then you can win a share of the Place prize pool.

At the bottom of the screen where you select the horses for Scoop 6, there is a “calculator” that shows you the cost of the bet based on the number of horses chosen in each race. If you do only choose one horse per race, or select the “un-named favourite, then the bet will cost you £2. If you choose more than one per race, then you can place a lower unit stake but it has to be a total of £2 or higher.

The Jackpot is races from one race meeting only and is 6 races also and the placement and selection of the bets here is the same as the Scoop 6.

Race betting – Totepool

The other way to bet into the Totepools is on individual races. When you open a racecard from the UK or Ireland there are tabs at the top of the card where you can choose the different bet market types for that race itself.

Selecting Totepool will show you the Totepool bet types available for the race:

Win/Place – Totepool betting for horses to Win, to finish in the Place terms or as each way tote bets

Exacta – Same as the standard “Forecast” bet where you get tote dividend returns for straight or reverse bets

Trifecta – Same as the standard “Tricast” bet where you get tote dividend returns for straight or reverse bets

Swinger – bet on the selected horses to finish 1st and 2nd in any order in 1 bet

Placepot – Similar to the Jackpot, a Placepot is 6 races of that race meeting where you choose 1 or more horses in each race. To win part of the Placepot fund, you need to have a placed horse in every race.

For any of these bet types, you choose your selection(s) through tick boxes, click “add to bet slip” and input your stakes and place the bet – a very simple process even with the bet types themselves being differently displayed.

How to Bet on Ladbrokes Horse Racing
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